One of the most enjoyable trips I’ve been on was to Cozumel Mexico. Being an island it provided a great vacation spot away from the mainland of Mexico. Very low crime (cause where are you going to go?) and easy to simply drive around and take in the sights. It also gave me the opportunity to scratch something off my bucket list… The Mayan Ruins!

We stayed at the Grand Park Royal which was a fantastic resort. All the people were very friendly and helpful. The bartenders made sure your drink was full and they knew your name almost instantly. Sapo was our main concierge and could get you anything you wanted, any time you needed. Make sure you ask for him if staying there!

But the best was seeing the Mayan ruins. Just a cliff note, this is an ALL DAY excursion from Cozumel or Cancun, but well worth the trip. I originally did a report on the ruins for Mrs. Martin in History class and was fascinated by the place, so you can imagine my excitement to go see them first hand.

Our first stop took us to an underground pool which was to said to have healing powers for the Mayans. We were allowed to go and jump in and enjoyed a very cool dip in water that just perfect.

Nothing compares to the Mayan ruins though. The Mexican government had outlawed actually getting on the ruins a couple years ago but just being there and hearing the stories and history was an experience everyone should have. There’s also a great story about the myth of “El Dorado” but you’ll have to take the trip to hear it. LOL