Back when I was a kid and Harvey Chevrolet has its annual picnic at the Appalachian Power shelter near the Claytor Lake dam, we were always welcome to take a tour of the dam. Since 9/11 this has not been possible for safety reasons. None the less the tour I remember as a kid is still so vivid in my head, I could practically walk you through the facility just from memory. That was back in the early 80’s.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to take another tour and didn’t hesitate to take the kids with me so they could see what I saw and be amazed at something so massive and still running great that was was built in 1938. I hope they grow up remembering the tour as I have. And, yes, I still knew where every room was and all the inner workings of the dam. Our tour guide was impressed I could recall this from just seeing it as a pre-teenager.