If you haven’t realized it by now, you’re in for a wake up call. Our own very lives, our family, our friends, our information is all for sale online to anyone. The worst part about it is we’ve all been stupid enough to just hand it over to everyone. With our obsession to let everyone know what is going on with our lives, where we live, what we do, our beliefs, likes, dislikes, EVERYTHING we have put online so the world can see how we live.

Maybe we are all so desperate to share ourselves with anyone who’s interested, we failed to take into consideration just how vulnerable we have made ourselves and the ones around us to attacks.

I have had my identity stolen once, my credit card numbers hacked and used over 4 times and now get robo calls out the ass all probably from information I divulged willingly online.

It stops NOW!!!

I have systematically gone through all my social media accounts and removed friends, photos, personal information, changed my birthdate, removed my email and phone, deleted almost all posts (except for a few) and vow never to return.

If you think I’m crazy, well just take a step back. Watch the movie “Snowden”…. A CIA program that allows the government to turn on your cameras, mic, and everything else to spy on you without your knowledge… And that my friends, was over 10 years ago. Just think what the government and tech companies can do now. With virtually everything relying on the Internet and our connection to it, mere seconds would pass before someone could call me up and tell me what my favorite flavor of ice cream is. There’s an app that tracks your movements, your purchases, your health, your sleep patterns, and could probably finish your sentences for you. Just ask Google Home or Alexa!

It makes me long for the days when I was a kid and none of this existed. We knew what our friends and family were doing because we talked to them, saw them, traveled with them, not looked at an app on our phone or computer from afar.

Even this very website, which you would think exists in obscurity, is attacked thousands of times a day from outside countries and even ours. Be it agencies or hackers, it is still vulnerable to gain access to my life and whatever pathetic story it tells them so they can use for future exploitation.

Well, I guess I take that back. It’s worse than I thought…..

That’s just THIS site…..

Think about your facebook page? The largest social media site in the world. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Yelp, Foursquare, and on and on and on. All in an effort to get to you! Even down to the travel sites you use to let them know you’re going on vacation and the house will be guarded by a security system attached to a cable for Internet. All targets, all able to be hacked. Hell, they can probably even shut my car down while I’m driving it causing me to wreck or be stuck and my only means of assistance….. my cell phone (which is also tracking everything)

So join me in traveling back in time and ditch anything and everything that sends information about you to anyone willing or with means to grab it.


To get some type of leg up on the hackers and shared information, everyone should download and use the Tor Browser. As well as a program called Tails. Used in conjunction, they assure the highest level of anonymity around. Tails is an Operating System you can run on any computer using a simple USB stick. Completely encrypted, leaving no trace of your existence on the Internet or with any local WiFi Network. There are even similar programs they make for your cell phones.

In the meantime, if you want to know what’s going on with me… simply do it the old fashion way, stop by and say hey for a while.